Organisers and attendees, choose your own adventure.

Online events – Virtual events – Hybrid events

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Bespoke 3D environment creation, replicating real locations in 360˚ or any virtual location.

Map an interactive journey around your space. Add interactive content for your audience e.g. images, text, audio, video, green screen, weblinks, gaming apps.

Transform the experience from virtual to real. Communicate directly with your audience via video chat whilst interacting with content.

Map out your online events.

As the organiser

Decide on the areas that define your event and select from the icon panels below to customise. Draft your event schedule, populate areas with content and embed any additional apps if required. The backend of the platform has been built to accept any web based app or integration for complete flexibility in building your event.

Go live and host, guide and manage your audience accordingly. Areas, event zones and rooms can be switched off and on in real time using simple slider switches. New zones/rooms can be created during your event.

Welcome Area

Enter the event through your customised welcome page; show an agenda, navigation guides, a map or create a 3D welcome desk and embed weblinks and video content.

Your event can be open access, password protected or by guest list. Anyone who has registered or been invited will receive a personal invite and access code to the show.

Invites can be generated from within the platform so attendees details can be uploaded and emailed directly.

Tags can be assigned to your attendee list to experience different journeys.


Welcome Area

For your attendees

Provide multiple touch points and areas to interact, allowing your event to flow and avoid repetition. Attendees can move freely, engage and personally interact while digesting content as they choose, just as they would at a physical event.

Broadcast and poll announcements can be used within your online events to direct or engage your attendees. Navigation is easy for any level with user friendly interface and controls, only 1 or 2 clicks away from anywhere within the event. For maximum engagement, the entire event operates within the same browser.

Main Stage

The central point of your event - stream your speakers, performances or broadcast any content for your audience. The main stage can be set to a video call for more intimate events, or embed any live streaming platform (StreamYard, Twitch, OBS, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo, etc.) or web based app to manage the feed for multiple speakers.

Reduce the video player window to allow you to simultaneously keep the main stage presentation playing as you visit any other area of the platform or watch on demand. We include full production and technical support for the main stage area.


Main Stage

Event Zones

Customise your own areas and populate them with as many zones as you like. Change the name, graphic and within each zone, allocate as many rooms as you require.

The rooms can be 3D or 2D experiences e.g. a 3D expo hall, breakout rooms, additional stages, training rooms, panel discussions, all with embedded external app capability - whiteboard, gaming app or any web-based application. Event zones can also be created on the fly, live during your show. Attendees navigate around the environments clicking blue pulsating floor spots or directly by clicking a list of exhibitors.

Our 3D environments replicate real locations in 360˚ or bespoke virtual locations without restriction. We can add any content (pdf images, text, audio, video, green screen, live websites, web/email/social media links and embedded gaming apps etc.) and exhibitors can simultaneously video-host on stand tours.

Video chat remains throughout the all event zones and attendees can add downloadable content to a basket, which will be emailed to them.


Event Zones


Networking replicates spontaneous conversations that you might have with peers at a physical event. Start a video call by clicking an attendee’s talk button to create a networking table or join another table of 2 or 3 people. Search the list of event attendees to find a specific person.

Networking tables have been set to 4 people to keep conversations naturally flowing, without multiple attendees talking over each other.

Conversations can be made private and attendees can leave at any time to join a new networking table. Larger networking groups areas can also be created in the Event Zone area.



Organisers... host, guide and manage your global audience.
Adapt as your online events evolve.

Global Chat

Allows anyone who has logged on to interact with each other across the whole event. Useful to have running throughout with questions or themes or reminders of a broadcast.

Watch a presentation on the main stage and simultaneously chat in that area, discuss the presentation or just keep various other conversation threads going throughout the day.

Global chat and private messenger chats can be viewed simultaneously. Specifically designed for larger numbers than the networking rooms and for quick and easy chat.


Global Chat


See a list of everyone at the show and locate what part of the event they are in. Click on their name, text message to start a conversation or request a video call.

As the host, if an attendee is lost, drag and drop them to the correct part of the platform. Or move your entire audience to another event zone.

A shuffle option can also be used to move your attendees across different event zones.



Live Poll & Broadcasts

Polls can be created in real time and vote results posted instantly or saved for when the poll closes. All poll results can be viewed in the post show analytics.

Broadcasts encourage attendees to move around your event by putting out live or scheduled announcements. Weave these into your show and they will flash up on the attendee’s screen, e.g. main stage presentation about to begin.


Live Poll & Broadcasts

Attendees... move freely, engage and personally interact while digesting content, just as you would at a physical event.


There are two types, an event timeline that shows how many people are on the platform and reports to show where attendees visited and how long they spent in that area.

A timeline report can be downloaded anytime during or after an event.

For the Expo area, we can generate a custom report showing what attendees viewed on each stand.




Manage attendees, live poll/broadcast announcements, your virtual green room and visitor analytics. Customise in real time as planned or adapt as your show evolves.

We include a StreamYard broadcast licence in our pricing, so you can host all of your key speakers within a virtual green room.

Managing your live feed for multiple speakers, you can cue them on or introduce them at the relevant time and encourage audience participation. This is easily embedded straight into the platform using the stream URL.



Training and support

We can manage the tech, team training and event production for any size event, allowing you to focus on developing content. We are present on the platform with you throughout your event. If you experience any issues, we will be on-hand waiting to assist.

We can provide training for clients and grant you backend access. If you’re too busy running your event to manage the tech, we become part of your team to manage any issues or open up new rooms based on how your event may be evolving. Each stage will have a dedicated technician during the open days.


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